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Sara CurruchichThe "Ensamble Esperanza" (Hope Ensemble) is a music project lead by talented Costarican musicians that represent not only the music from their country but will take you to a journey to Central America, Mexico and Spain, places that they have fed from, gathering music influences throught the years and come to Austin to share those experiences. You will enjoy the music from Costa Rica, the Yucatan isthmus in Mexico and some of the arabic influences of the music from Spain. Powerful female lead vocals that will evoke the music of Mercedes Sosa, Chavela Vargas and centuries old Sones Huastecos will be just a few of the ingredientes found on this unique ensemble.

Jeana and Juan Carlos UreñaJeana and Juan Carlos Ureña Juan Carlos has recorded nine albums (four of those with Jeana), and they have performed their music throughout Latin America, Europe, Russia, Canada, and the United States. Well known in Central America, the Ureñas have created a contemporary and energetic musical style that combines subtle influences from the places they have lived (Costa Rica, the United States, and Brazil) with Afro-Caribbean rhythms and traditional folk melodies of Central America.

Mister MeliA Houston based urban artist, was born in Estelí, Nicaragua. His music approaches the reality of the social struggles that immigrants have to face in the U.S. and also gives voice to those stories that otherwise would stay in the dark. Mister Meli has collaborated with several singers that give melody to his social consciousness lyrics and is using a new Indy media approach to promote his work on the web and social networks.

Clara CurteisA Clara Curteis is a Scottish singer-songwriter that moved to Nicaragua 14 years ago. She started playing piano and writing her own songs since she was 7 and discovered her new home country when she was 18. Clara is currently recording an all-original song album that will be named "Yo Nací de Mujer" (I was born from a woman) with various influences like Ska, Hip Hop and the Latin American Trova

Mauricio CallejasMauricio Callejas Austin based singer-songwriter native from El Salvador. Mauricio has released 4 albums and has performed in different venues in Latin America , the United States, Spain and Canada. He is the founder of the first songwriter directory of Central America,, produces a weekly radio program about Latin American song and is the founder of Centroamericanto Fest

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department


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CACFest started in El Salvador in 2005 as a mere gathering of singer-songwriters. It was brought to Austin TX in 2011 by his founder, Salvadoran singer-songwriter Mauricio Callejas, debuting with a sold out concert at the Cactus Cafe, since then CACFest has organized outdoor community events and more intimate concerts at different local venues. This project is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Development Department, Cultural Arts Division and the Texas Commission of the Arts.


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